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  • Phronsie Godwin

Allow Us to (Re)introduce Ourselves

Origin Design Studio launches new brand—a refreshed look for Colorado’s most refined design studio.

Hi, I’m Phronsie Godwin. For the last decade, Origin Design Studio has been my pride and passion. Since 2016,I have worked alongside some of the most wonderful clients in Colorado, designing homes and spaces that blend traditionally beautiful designs with unexpected twists.

But things today are so different from then.

For one, my wonderful designer Nayley has since come on board. Together, we’ve evolved the business, expanding our design offering from kitchens and bathrooms to entire homes. And—most obvious of all—we continue to live through a worldwide pandemic.

In 2020, enveloped by the four walls of our homes, we gained a new perspective on what it means to not only stay at home, but to enjoy being there.

In the spirit of both embracing change and loving the spaces we occupy, we turned our eye for design to our own brand. We are so excited to announce the rebrand and refresh of Origin Design Studio. In conjunction with IDCO, we have created a modern and sophisticated new logo, a warm and inviting color palette, an improved website, and a cutting-edge design platform.

Introducing SideDoor

In this digital era, we felt inspired to create an interior design experience that makes shopping and purchasing simple. We’ve partnered with SideDoor—an online tool that allows us to share and sell our favorite trade-only products and collections—so our clients have the option to shop our designs through an online platform.

We’ve been working hard curating collections through SideDoor, making it easier for you to give new life to your master suite light fixtures; add color to your kitchen with a new floor covering; or browse our extensive bathroom and kitchen hardware picks. With SideDoor, you can create a space that is uniquely you. Browse our collections and visit our shop today.

A Special Thanks

We’d like to extend our thanks to our branding partners at IDCO—a women-owned collective of branding professionals. We’d proudly recommend their services to any of our design industry colleagues. Be sure to visit their site to learn more about their capabilities.

Thank you to all who have embarked on this new and exciting journey with us. We’re looking forward to the future, and to meeting new friends along the way.

Take care,


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